GL-ONC1 in Breast Cancer

A pivotal preclinical study published in Cancer Research (October 2007), shows GL-ONC1 administered alone (as a single agent therapy) eradicated 95% of human breast tumors within 130 days with no observed toxicity or safety concerns. Importantly, anti-tumor immune activity was documented as the oncolytic process triggered an innate immune response against the cancer in laboratory animals. Moreover, colonization, amplification, regression and elimination of the tumor were observed clearly through optic imaging of Green Fluorescent Protein (GFP) with which GL-ONC1 is encoded. This provides compelling visual preclinical evidence of the oncolytic process and its therapeutic effects.
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Above: Tumors in mice treated with four different doses of GL-ONC1 in varying concentrations (Blue, Red, Green and Purple lines) shrink and are ultimately eradicated, while tumors in untreated mice increase steadily (black PBS line). [Zhang Q, et al. 2007. Cancer Research. 67 (20), 10038-46.]

          GL-ONC1 in Breast Cancer
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