A Genelux-sponsored Phase 1 (First-in-Man, Safety & Dosing) study was conducted at Royal Marsden Hospital (Surrey, UK) and featured intravenous administration of GL-ONC1 in 27 patients with advanced solid tumor cancers, Final results of the study were presented during poster sessions by the study’s principal investigators at ASCO (June 2012). Click here for ASCO Poster Presentation.

Highlights include:

•  GL-ONC1 is well-tolerated with minimal toxicity
•  GFP expression was observed in man for the first time
•  Systemically-administered GL-ONC1 survived the immune system and arrived at the tumor
•  There were early signs of anti-tumor activity in a variety of tumor types

Conclusion: GL-ONC1 is well tolerated with minimal toxicity and preliminary evidence of anti-tumor activity.