Olvi-Vec (Olvimulogene nanivacirepvec; formerly Olvi-Vec):

Olvi-Vec, our lead investigational product candidate, is a genetically stable oncolytic virus designed to locate, enter, colonize and destroy cancer cells without harming healthy tissues or organs. Olvi-Vec is based on vaccinia virus (Lister strain), which was used safely in millions of people as the vaccine against smallpox. Scientists at Genelux have modified this virus to increase its safety, tumor selectivity and anti-tumor activity without limiting its ability to replicate in cancer cells.  Olvi-Vec also carries a unique fusion protein designed to provide non-invasive, real-time imaging capabilities.

In preclinical testing, the virus has efficiently eliminated more than 20 types of solid human tumors.  In preclinical testing, Olvi-Vec has shown remarkable effectiveness not only as a single agent therapy (monotherapy) but also has been shown to work synergistically in combination with chemo-, immune- and radio- therapies.



The company has also developed a separate line of veterinary-use oncolytic viruses which are currently under clinical evaluation in canine cancers.  V-VET1 is a genetically characterized, veterinary-grade replication-competent oncolytic vaccinia virus-based therapy derived from the LIVP vaccinia virus strain.

A groundbreaking canine clinical trial exploring V-VET1 in various cancers afflicting dogs was conducted in conjunction with CVS Angel Care Cancer Center in Carlsbad, California.