Veterinary Vectors

Genelux Corporation has developed a separate line of veterinary use oncolytic viruses based many of the same scientific principles and mechanisms behind its platform human therapies and diagnostics. Preclinical studies have shown encouraging and efficacious results, and have led to groundbreaking clinical studies in companion animals evaluating the company’s first veterinary product candidate V-VET1.

Canine Mammary Sarcoma

Canine Mammary Sarcoma is a highly metastatic cancer in female canines that, unfortunately, is unresponsive to available therapies. In vivo treatment of canine mammary carcinoma xenografts (in mice) with GL-ONC1 resulted in significant growth inhibition in of the tumors, and points to a promising potential treatment for Canine Mammary Sarcoma.

Canine Soft Tissue Sarcoma

Soft-tissue sarcomas (STS) compromise up to 15 percent of all skin tumors in dogs. In a recent study involving STSA-1 canine xenografts in mice, Genelux scientists showed veterinary-grade vaccinia constructs to achieve significant growth inhibition, for the long-term survival of the tumor-bearing mice, and in some cases, near complete tumor regression.