Vision and Mission

Our vision is to build a pre-eminent immuno-oncology company that addresses serious unmet medical needs.


Our mission is to develop immunotherapeutics that deliver the full complement of tumor neo-antigens with the power to stimulate a personalized immune system response to fight cancer, individual by individual.

Woman cancer patient with scarf hugging another woman


Our strategy is to leverage our deep internal capabilities in the clinical development of oncolytic virotherapies to create a leading immunotherapy company. We plan to discover, develop and commercialize next-generation products for the treatment of a broad range of cancers, including solid tumors, many of which are among the most difficult cancers to treat. Key elements of our strategy include:

  • Advance our lead product candidate, Olvi-Vec, through clinical development and seek regulatory approval.
  • Support our collaborative partner, Newsoara Biopharma Co., Ltd., in the development of Olvi-Vec and other proprietary viral products for human uses in Greater China.
  • Support ELIAS Animal Health, our exclusive worldwide licensee, in the development of V-VET1 for cancer in non-human animals.
  • Support our joint venture, V2ACT Therapeutics, LLC, in the clinical and commercial development of V2ACT Immunotherapy.
  • Seek additional development and commercial collaborations for Olvi-Vec and our other human therapeutic product candidates.
  • Leverage our CHOICETM discovery platform to build a portfolio of oncology product candidates that target a range of immune mechanisms.
  • Broaden and strengthen our internal manufacturing capabilities, utilizing our in-house manufacturing facility.
  • Build our organization into a fully integrated therapeutics company.


We have operations in several locations in Southern California.

  • Our headquarters and business office facilities are located in the Los Angeles region, an emerging biotech hub.
  • Our R&D and manufacturing facilities are located in San Diego, one of the premier biotech hubs In the United States.
Research & Development

“Our vision is to redefine the Immuno-Oncology space through the discovery and development of next-generation oncolytic viruses, with the potential to improve outcomes for patients fighting cancer, particularly those with limited therapeutic options. Our anticancer drug candidates can be administered using physician-preferred and familiar routes of administration, offering advantages over other approaches.”  – James L. Tyree, Lead Independent Director